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We all have the capacity within us to make positive changes in our lives. Yoga and the self-care treatments I share have within them the support and wisdom you need to discover your own unique resources, creativity and strength. Yoga in all its forms teaches us that we have all we need inside, and it is a practice of self-discovery through the physical body, the mind, the breath and mostly a journey into our deep heart.


lucia guerin sheehan
lucia guerin sheehan

holistic yoga

for everyone

Yoga is the meeting of your whole self with acceptance, love and kindness - exactly as you are. My Holistic Yoga classes focus on self-discovery through a process of inquiry as you move, as you breathe and in the moments of stillness. Incorporating the teachings of hatha yoga, restorative yoga and somatic practices, we build self-awareness, support, flexibility and strength that not only serves you on the mat but reflects in your everyday life too.


These classes are suitable for beginners and for those with some experience.



All of the treatments below focus on your health and well-being. It can be personal preference to work with sound, breath, poetry or yoga, or it may be that one will suit your needs better than another - take a look at the different treatment options below and see what speaks to you at this time.


I am happy to offer a free telephone consultation to discuss which is best for your needs.